What If I am running late or need to extend my vehicle for a longer period?

Sometimes it cannot be helped if you’re running behind or stuck in unexpected traffic. We usually advise to leave in good time before bringing back a vehicle which is on hire. We allow a 30-minute grace period from when your vehicle is due back. The grace period only applies to customers who pre-notify the team that they will be running late. Please do not assume this grace period automatically applies as your vehicle should be due back on the agree time. If the return time for the vehicle exceeds the given timescale’s the company reserve the right to charge extra costs.

What fuel do I need to bring my vehicle back on?

When handing over a vehicle, a member of staff will mark off on your hire agreement how much fuel the vehicle will need to be returned on. Hire Me Vehicle Rentals works on a like for like basis when it comes to replenishing fuel. If you return a vehicle with less fuel than originally indicated, then a refuel charge will apply. The following charges are costed at a premium rate which is £2.60 per litre. We do accept a 15 miles range lee way if the fuel is slightly under. If the fuel is measured via a needle this should be no more than one needles length away. If fuel is measured in bars, it must be accurate to when the vehicle was hired out.

What happens if I receive a parking fine, speeding ticket or other any other PCN notice’s.

In the event you receive one of the following our processing team usually get these turned around very quickly so that they can be issued to the intended hirer at the time. If you do receive a PCN or any other notices, please note the company reserves the right to charge an admin fee of £20.00. If we receive a speeding fine with more than one driver on the agreement we will contact, you to establish who was driving at the time. If we fail to gather a response or identify who was driving, then the ticket will be issued off in primary name of the hire agreement.

Can I add more than one driver to my hire?

A maximum of 4 drivers are permitted on the hire at one given time. All drivers would undergo the same checks to ensure they are eligible for hire. Adding an additional driver will cost occur a cost of £10 per driver / per day.

Can I hire for a few hours?

The answer is yes, we do provide short term rentals for 4 hours. This is only available from Mon – Thurs with the latest pick up being 4PM. Ask in branch or phone our team on 01685 383111.

What happens if I have a puncture or fault with the hired vehicle?

In the event your vehicle develops a fault we have a dedicated breakdown service with the AA Breakdown Assistance and will attend to wherever you are. This service is free of charge and is included with your hire. If it is found that the vehicle cannot be repaired roadside, then the team at the office can help make alternative arrangements. If your vehicle suffers a puncture or a blow out on the tyres, then then it is the hirers responsibility to get this replaced or repaired to a professional standard.

What happens if I damage one of your vehicles?

In the event that damage is caused to one of our vehicles you must report it immediately even if it wasn’t your fault. Reporting issues early can help us resolve the matter and to avoid further charges, you can do this by calling our main office so that the team are aware. Our staff have been trained to asses vehicle damage so will make you aware of how much this will cost. If you have returned a vehicle without notifying us and damage or mechanical issues are later found, then a charge will be deducted from your original payment method. Please note when charges are made the following factors are considered, the cost of repair, cost of required parts and any further specialist work that maybe required.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Any cancellations will result in you forfeiting your booking date and losing the cost paid for the booking. However a credit will be issued to you to book for another date, subject to availability once notified prior to the hire date. We do not issue partial refunds or credits for any bookings which have taken place.

What do I need to bring with me when hiring a vehicle?

You must bring your driver’s licence photo-card. Please note we no longer accept the counterpart (paper) licence anymore. You must also bring along your national insurance number and a proof of address dated within the last 3 months (i.e. council tax bill or bank statement). We cannot accept your drivers’ licence as the proof of address.

How old do I need to be to hire?

Our minimum age to hire a vehicle is 21+ with a minimum driving experience of 24 months. Selected vehicles may require further checks and age brackets could be adjusted. If you’re not sure just ask.