Vehicle Hire Terms and Conditions

  • All rental prices include VAT.
  • Minimum hours of rental: 4 hours (Mon – Thur only, last hire 12PM)
  • Prices are subject to change with daily rates without prior notification.
  • Drivers must be between 21-72 years old, (25 on selected vehicles)
  • A full licence must be held for 2 years with a maximum of 6 points.
  • Deposit is only required on selected vehicles
  • A deposit or the full cost must be paid prior to the start of the hire.
  • If you wish to extend your rental beyond the planned date, you can contact our office and pay the additional cost over the phone.
  • Vehicles will incur extra charges if travelling outside of the UK without prior consent.
  • Maximum damage excess payable is £1000 (up to £2000 for minibuses and selected vehicles) in the event of damage being caused or a vehicle write off.
  • No refunds issued on confirmed bookings.

Terms and Conditions Overall


The Fully Comprehensive insurance will cover all insured drivers aged 21+ on selected vehicles. In the event a vehicle such a 17-seater minibus or a HGV is hired out a minimum age of 25 applies.

Additional Drivers: A maximum of 3 additional drivers can be added on to the hire agreement which will incur a cost of £10 per day/ per driver.

  1. Age and licence restrictions:

Prices are varied with drivers between 21-80 years old.

All drivers must have a full licence for a minimum of 2 years with a maximum of 6 points.

If, within the last 7 years you have had a IN, DR, BA or DD endorsement, you may be subject to further checks and a deposit may be required.

If a licence does not comply with our insurance policy, we have the right to refuse.

You must read the terms and conditions before booking a vehicle.

Booking Policy:

Payment details are required in advance.

Unless the cost is paid in full the booking will not be confirmed with our team and we may not have the availability you require. We will not cancel a booking which has been brought to our attention via a telephone call.

If a vehicle is returned more than an 60 minutes late, you will be charged an extra day’s rental.

If we feel that you do not fit our criteria for hire, we have the right to refuse you.

Cancellation Policy:

Any cancellations will result in you forfeiting your booking date and losing the cost paid for the booking. However a credit will be issued to you to book for another date, subject to availability once notified prior to the hire date. We do not issue partial refunds or credits for any bookings which have taken place.

Please note due to the pandemic we are still operating in accordance with our cancellation policy. We understand this is a difficult time both for businesses and customers so we advise to double check our terms and conditions before placing a booking.

In the event you need to cancel a booking due to rearranged dates or cancelled events we are only able to offer a full credit note which can be redeemed within a 6 month period from the date of the hire.

The hirer must ensure that they meet the correct criteria in order to rent a vehicle. The hirer must also take full responsibility to provide the required ID and documentation to rent a vehicle. The hirer must provide a Full UK or International License, National Insurance number and a Proof of Address which is dated in the last 3 months i.e bank statements or utility bill. Failure to comply with any of the following means that we are unable to offer the booking. A minimum of 1 days hire charge would be forfeited, if the vehicle is booked for more than 24 hours any balance left on the account would be credited to the original payment method in 3-5 working days.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that they are creating a reservation to be picked up from our depot which is located at Dragon Parc B, Abercanaid, Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1PQ. Once a reservation has been created we are unable to offer a refund if your desired pick up location is incorrect.


If the vehicle is returned with damage or has been involved with a third party, there is an excess charge which can be up to a maximum of £1000 (up to £2000 for minibuses and selected vehicles). Tyre and glass damage is not included in the excess. The excess also applies in the event a vehicle is reported lost or has been stolen. A higher excess may apply to luxury or premium vehicles, please ask within branch.

You pay the excess in the event of any damage caused to the vehicle weather it is determined as a fault or non fault. Any claim made on the insurance policy regardless of who is to blame.

Excess payment apply to the following

  • Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Theft
  • Loss of Keys
  • Vandalism

Please note this will apply to the hirer even if is a fault or a non fault claim. The customer may also be provided the option to arrange their own repairs to avoid paying the excess charge however this is down to the discretion of the hire company who will make an informed decision upon return of the vehicle.


I hereby acknowledge that during the duration of the hire agreement I shall be liable as the owner of the vehicle let to me by the company Hire Me Vehicle Rentals.

I hereby agree to hire the rental vehicle on the Terms & Conditions set out herein & overleaf and confirm that payment is to be made by credit or debit card my signature below shall constitute authority to debit my nominated credit or charge card company with the total due amount plus any administration charges, extensions or additional charges resulting from this rental.

Use of Vehicle:

The vehicle may be used for the purpose of a business and for social domestic and pleasure purposes. The vehicle must not be used for prohibited activities such as racing, towing (unless agreed) or anything which is not legally compliment. Allowing a non-insured driver to drive the vehicle will be classed as theft and the driver will also be breaking the law as they are uninsured. If reports have been made that an uninsured driver is using the vehicle, we have the right to impound the vehicle immediately without prior notification and report this to the police. Any duration of the hire left during this period will not be refunded and any deposits paid will be lost.

The hirer under no circumstance is entitled to a refund or partial refund if a rental agreement is settled early. The hirer has the full right to rent the vehicle for the duration of their hire period. Once a vehicle has been checked back in earlier than the stated time the company reserves the right not to offer a refund or re book the vehicle back out.


The fuel levels in all vehicles will be checked prior to the hire and upon return. The fuel in the vehicle must be returned on the same level. In cases where vehicles display fuel using a needle, the indication of fuel must be a needles length away from where it was prior to the hire. If a vehicle displays its fuel in bars, then the bars of fuel need to match the exact levels which were displayed prior to the agreement. If the vehicle displays a fuel range, then a discrepancy of 10 miles can apply to the original amount. Failure to comply with this will result in a fuel charge which is costed at a premium rate of £2.20 per litre. Staff have been trained to work out how much fuel is required to replenish the discrepancy upon the return of the vehicle and will make you aware of the additional charges. A minimum of £10 refuel charge applies to vehicles which fall short.

If a vehicle is misfueled or filled with the incorrect fuel then a misfuel charge will apply to the hirer of the vehicle. This also applies to ad blue vehicles which have been incorrectly filled with diesel, petrol or any other prohibited additive which is not the correct additive that the vehicle requires.

The rental company is not liable to credit or reimburse hirers who return vehicles with any extra fuel that has been put into the vehicle. In the unfortunate event if the vehicle suffers mechanical failure the same policy also applies however the company must make every effort to offer a replacement vehicle.


Some of our vehicles now use AdBlue.

AdBlue is used to reduce emissions in vehicles. AdBlue converts the fumes given off from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and steam which means that there is less pollution in the air.

AdBlue can be purchased from numerous fuel stations across the UK & Europe or from vehicle part shops.

We will keep the vehicle topped up, but it is the drivers’ responsibility to check AdBlue levels while in use. If your AdBlue runs out in your vehicle this means that the engine will not start, and a fee may be applied for recovery and breakdown costs.

It is also the hirers responsibility to ensure that they are putting the correct ad blue and additive into the vehicles. This must not be mistaken for fuel such as diesel or petrol. If in the unfortunate event the wrong additives have been used a mis fuel charge will apply to the hirer of the vehicle.

Overseas Travel:

You must notify us if you plan to travel overseas otherwise no vehicle is authorised to travel outside of Europe. In the case a vehicle is reported to be travelling overseas without prior consent a full excess charge will apply.

Late return or charges:

If a vehicle is returned later than the time agreed on the original hire agreement, then a 30-minute grace period does apply ( once the company has been notified, please note if you do not make the company aware you will be charged as soon as the hire agreement expires. If the vehicle does return later than the indicated time, then another full day’s hire will be charged to your payment details without prior notification. If a vehicle has been hired for a half day or 4 hours and is returned later than the specified timescale, then the difference of a full day will be charged on top of this. Hire ME! Vehicle Rentals reserves the right to impound and repossess any vehicles without prior notification if a vehicle is held for longer than the agreed time/date.


The following will be considered as acceptable forms of ID. Driving licence, National Insurance number and proof of address dated within the last 3 months needs to be provided before the hire. The company may accept documents older than this period at the point of hire and is discretionary. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in cancellation of the hire and no refund provided. It is vital that you check prior to making a booking that you meet the criteria for vehicle hire. Staff cannot be held accountable for you not being eligible for hire and customers must read the terms and conditions prior to making a booking. Please note that we no longer accept the counterpart of your licence. Anyone who holds a paper copy must now apply for a Photo-card from the DVLA.

Damage / Wear & Tear:

Please note damage charges will be processed against the original payment method provided at the time of hire. Please ensure you gain full permission from the cardholder before making a reservation. In the event a vehicle is returned with damage the payment method provided at the time of hire will be charged up to a maximum of £1000 without prior notification. Upon taking a vehicle on hire you agree to following terms and conditions.

Any damage to a vehicle while out on hire will be the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer will also be charged for the cost of the repairs if less than the total excess value.

Vehicles are fully inspected when returned to our premises. Any damage discovered after the vehicle has been cleaned will still be charged.

Loss of vehicle keys:

If the vehicle’s keys have been misplaced, lost or stolen, the company will charge for a spare set of keys plus the total cost to replace the missing keys.

The excess cost for lost or stolen keys on this policy is £500. If in the instance a spare key is required then a £500 key deposit is required from the customer. The deposit is returned in full once both sets of keys are returned. If in the instance the key is lost or misplaced the £500 deposit will be used as contributions towards the missing key. The customer’s key excess liability is limited to £500 or more on premium vehicles. The hire company reserves the right to use this deposit and replace the set of keys on a like for like basis. Any less balance from the key deposit is returned back to the hirer using the original payment method.

Cleanliness of our Vehicles:

When renting a commercial vehicle or a car it is important that these cars are kept to the same standard when being handed out. Smoking in our vehicles is not allowed. If a vehicle has been returned and there is strong evidence to suggest this the hirer will be charged a £50 valet fee, minibus valet minimum £100. If a vehicle has been brought back in an untidy or dirty state, then a £50 valet fee will also apply. Examples of unclean vehicles are stains on the seat, rubbish, muddy carpets, odours & smells, pet hair on seats and cigarette ash. Commercial or larger vehicles may be subject to further charges on inspection.


Prior to hiring a vehicle, the driver will agree that they will be liable for any parking tickets, speeding fines and/or any other costs or penalties issued which the vehicle was in their possession. The hirer must also be liable for any other charges such as congestion charge, Ultra Low Emissions Zone charges, & toll charges.

In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1974 sections 1 and 1.5, the hirer shall be liable as owner of the vehicle in respect of: –

  1. Any of the following offences which may be committed with respect to that vehicle when it is stationary and when fixed penalty notice is issued being on a road during the hours of darkness without lights or reflectors required by law waiting or being left parked or being loaded or unloaded in a road being used or kept on a public road without the vehicle licence being exhibited on the vehicle in the prescribed manner and the non-payment of the charge made at street parking places and:
  2. Any excess charge which may be incurred in pursuance of an order under section 35 and 36 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1967 (Provision of Highways of Parking places where charges are made).

I agree that if the vehicle is detained by the vehicle inspectorate for illegal use that I will be responsible for any charges incurred in restoring the vehicle, and any loss of income incurred by the rental company.

In the event of receiving one of the following charges the hirer will also be subject to a £15 administration charge. If more than one penalty is received on the same day only a single charge will apply. If there are multiple charges on different dates, then a £15 admin fee will apply to each time the charges have been received.

Please note once you have received a notice letter in the post and you believe that you were not the responsible driver at the time please contact the authority of where the charge has come from so that they can provide further details.

Long Term Hire

For all long term hires, customers must take full responsibility to ensure that the tyres, glass and oil levels are up to minimum requirements to ensure the vehicle can be operated safely, failure to do so and report any defect may result in the hirer being fined.

Service Interval Missed by 250 miles – £250 fine
Tyres below the legal tread depth – £82.00 per tyre
Windscreen Charge – £180.00 + VAT minimum fee subject to makes and models

For all long term hires any mechanical work, MOT, servicing, keys, tyres, glass, body work repair and parts must be pre authroised by the vehicle hire company. Failure to comply will result in a minimum £250 fine to the hirer of the vehicle. Any pre authorisation needs to be emailed sent to: along with the registration of the vehicle or contact the office on 01685 383111.


Customers are able to leave 1 vehicle per booking at our site when renting a van for 1 day or more. The parking is available on site which is secure and free, please ensure that a space is booked prior to arriving as during peak times this service may be limited.

The hire company does not accept liability for any damage or traffic violations for any vehicles that have been left outside the premises. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their vehicle is parked in a safe and legal manner.

Please note all owners leave their vehicles at their own risk. The hire company cannot be held liable for any damage caused to the vehicle, keys are left at the owners risk and the hire company cannot accept liability for loss of keys.

By accepting the hire agreement the customer accepts these terms and conditions which have been set out for parking.


The following are exclusions of this policy:

1. Persons who have been disqualified from driving during the last 36 months and/or who have more than 6 points on their driving license and/or any of the following offence codes:

i) Theft or unauthorised taking UT

ii) Drink or Drugs DR or DG

iii) Dangerous Driving DD

iv) Driving whilst disqualified BA

v) Driving whilst uninsured IN

vi) Accident Offences AC

vii) Careless Driving CD

viii) Licence Offences LC30-50

ix) Miscellaneous MS50-90

x) Mutual Recognition MR

xi) Special Code/Totting Up TT

2. Persons who have had their insurance declined and/or renewal refused and/or insurance or cover cancelled by any motor insurer

3. Persons engaged in any of the following occupations: i) Professional sportsman or sportswoman ii) The entertainment or theatrical profession iii) Racing or gambling iv) Foreign Armed forces or Foreign Embassy

4. Persons who have been involved in more than one fault incident within the last 3 years

5. Persons with a current criminal conviction which is not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

6. Carriage of passengers or goods for hire and reward including ride-hailing &/or food delivery within the GIG economy &/or any carriage of goods or persons for any form of profit or remuneration

7. Driving by any person other than the hirer who has completed a rental agreement or lease agreement for the period of cover concerned, unless off-hire has been agreed and is included in your schedule

8. Driving by any person who is not a British or EU citizen

9. Please note all drivers must ensure that they meet the correct requirements in order to hire a vehicle, please note we cannot take responsibility to ensure drivers are eligible to drive until the point of hire. If the driver does not meet the requirements the company reserves the right to refuse the hire of the vehicle and a minimum of 1 days hire charge applies.

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